Says Ian Stone, a Cambridge college graduate, being asked about this well known Czech performer:

Pepa Nos is one of the original figures of Czech popular music of the last few decades. Nos´ outlandish vocal style and live performances have made him a cult figure in the Czech republic. His seemingly naive lyrics (e.g. "I want to be like a bird", "The Earth is round") were resonant enough for the Czechoslovak communist secret police to inform Nos that he would no longer be allowed to make a living as a musician. Typically Nos found alternative constructive outlets for his energies ("it doesn´t mean we should have our heads in our boots"), becoming a school teacher of English and building his own house in the Wallachian highlands near the Slovak-Czech border.
Though many of his songs were written during the Communist era, they are not primarily political and carry much of their meaning and food for thought outside of their original Czech context. Nos even reclaims Kipling´s "If" from the Empire builders and this blends unexpectedly quite naturally with the self-translated lyrics (to English and partly French and German) of his own material.
There exists a path which leads to ending of suffering (subtitle of his third album "Man"). Pepa Nos´songs are, for some at least,a gateway onto that long path.